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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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was at a hundred >> good morning and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority meeting -- special meeting for may 20. my name is jane kim and i will be chairing the meeting. could we take roll call. >> director harper. >> present. >> director lied. >> present. >> director metcalf. >> director sart art. >> present. >> and chair kim. >> here. >> kim present as well. madam chair you do have a quorum. >> thank you. are there communications from the board today? seeing none any old or new business? seeing none we move on to executive director's report. >> good morning directors, members of the public. as you know we put out our seal bid that can be broken up into
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three packages recently and bids are due june 20 and after that he we expect to bring a board for your consideration to the july board meeting in order to stay on schedule so that's really the main item right now in addition to the 100% cd's minus the it component us due at the end of may and that is on back to be delivered to us and we will review that with our team members and turn the package over to webcor by the end of the year at the latest and i will have steve give your construction update. >> good morning directors. steve rule with turner construction providing cmo services to the tjpa. the last month has been another good -- make good progress overall on
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the project and again no injuries or osha reportable accidents. we had one near miss accident involving a crane losing some sort of loss of power in the lifting and a piece of equipment falling back into the hole. no significant damage to the equipment and no injuries whatsoever. they were following all of the appropriate procedures keeping the hoisting area clear so there were no injuries and work is continuing in the area. the excavation is about 72% complete overall and the micro-piles are 50% complete and zone one and 50% overall. the demolition continues in zone four as they start to work on actually demolishing the tops of the shafts and continue to work on finishing up the quality assurance coring of the piles.
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the geothermal installation started in earnest in last period with two sections installed and tested and covered up in prepareeration for of the mud slap and the water work continues along mission street particularly in the intersections at second and first street to finish those areas up. again the awss and a replacement or increase in size of the existing system which leads getting back into the other utilities around that one and that is slowing the process down a little lit but all of the other utilities are cooperating in moving their limousine
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service. i have noticed and witnessed some of the horrendous accidents that have occurred and, yes we do need to do something about the safety on ma sonic and the intersections that have been failed one is at okay. but this is not the plan to do it. this plan puts shrubbery on the sidewalks and bike baselines that are raised, puts a divided er on the street. people are having road rage going downtown in the morning. and going home at night where
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there's an additional lane makes it even worse. they've recently put officers on the corner of hayes and ma sonic to catch folks doing ways of driving but not having vision to back out of your driveway and blocking emergency vehicles. firehouses have been talked to and those people were not aware of the problems. but i think the commissioner has made a good point so thank you very much >> thank you madam. i'm going to call the last 3 cards that i have
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(calling names) next speaker >> good morning. i'm winston. i'm a fourth generation san franciscan and currently reside between pine and bush streets. while i'm supportive of projects i'm here about the ma sonic. here's an opening quote it reads streets are almost always public and when we speak of the public realm we're speaking of streets. streets change the buildings along with them changes. if we can develop and design streets so their wonderful and fulfilling and attractive and we'll have successively designed
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those streets. this is especially pertinent for san francisco where 25 percent of a quarter of our surface area is in streets not in parks. while everyone is viagra for a piece of the pie we have to know long-term about how to develop our streets. i remember remember from a young age my sister and you were told not to cross pine street. but broken glass and collisions made it ever dent. if we want families to stay in the city then our streets shouldn't make patents feel like their sending their kids across
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accident zones >> i want to say that - and a thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i used to live on tooush and central. i'm in favor of the project. i bike and walk. so biking is not a weekend hobby it's actually, the way i get to work and everywhere. i've also avoided riding on ma sonic because it's a tifr street and my safety is not worth that convenience. i didn't participate in the
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process because it was after it had taken place but i found out about it afterward and i was very impress about the plan improvements. i want to ask you to approve the funding and make ma sonic available to everyone thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm vooins. i'm a motorcyclist and cyclist. i'm against the plan for many reasons the wild card is target. you don't know the target. you're taking away traffic baselines in the street where cars potentially are going to
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come down. if you build it they will come. reducing it to 3 baselines is ridiculous. they will have to re-evaluate this. the fact retains targeted is a wild card and we're asking not to fund the project and the neighborhood is not as involved
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trying to make their way down ma sonic. as one person mentioned they often have to go into the ongoing traffic baselines to get
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into the street. that will a hook and ladder doesn't go around the corner. they're to have to find another route to travel north and south that's going to add a lot of times for response. it could be whether someone lives or dies because they can't get there. once you take away the two bike baselines now you're talking about narrowing it detain to too passenger vehicles because a bus has stopped. if you were a ferry couldn't u wouldn't use this. i've talked to firefighters who are effected and none of them has heard about this.
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the person who signed it off doesn't have to respond to a house that's burning >> if you madam. >> next speaker >> i'm benjamin i actually live on central and i've been riding and living on central for over 20 years. i don't think it's going to make it safer. i think it's sad that people died but part of it is you can't see the way people are biking. when i grew up there was a lot more families and it wasn't much have a problem at all. i continual ride my bike and i wasn't notify either. i didn't find out about it.
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i hope you guys can review this more and use the funding for smoother streets. there's other ways to avoid ma sonic and even if you did get the funding for ma sonic i'll take another way. i think the money should be used to make the streets more smoother for kinds of the and a thank you >> next speaker >> good morning. i'm michael. i live on golden gate one block from ma sonic. i also own a car and occasionally drive on ma sonic. a couple of quick points one thing about the safety points for the things we've tried in the past.
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for more than 5 years ago we tried to have more safety. here's some of the measures they adopt a reduced speed limit from 25 to 15 miles an hour and necessary installed spreadsheet signs and tried to discourage speeding but very little has made a difference. those were all of the traffic calming measures that engineers identified
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crashes both in terms of pedestrians and vehicle on vehicle collisions but head on cloigz are very prominent on ma sonic. cars are traveling high rates of speed. they've had cars pushed into up
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so what their front yards. the convenience of parking needs to come after safer streets they're made to convey people in a safe manner. on ma sonic we don't have the room for parking. when i have a car when i rent a car i park is inside my garbage when i'm backing out of the garbage by removing the - >> thank you. next speaker. >> i live a block and a half in from the ma sonic corridor. i heard they have - one of the
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city decreases i'm giving health care. i often get out of work at 1:00 p.m. sometimes, it takes me 45 minutes to find a parking sprays space. the fact this has been years in the planning if approved they'll look into mitigating parking won we find the 2 hundred parking places. it's a tremendous burden to the neighborhood at 2:00 a.m. people
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are driving around and around for parking. there's no save bus to get home from work. please don't pass this and take away our neighborhood parking. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. my name is linda and i'm here to speak on the mansville corridor improvement. i'm here to speak in favor of the project. i'm a member of the park collaborative. we bring together many of the groups that lobby for improvements. so as a 44 year resident of san francisco and now a resident of district 11 we find that our second largest a park often doesn't get the amenities and the safety and interest that the large golden gate park gets.
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beer here to bring this to your text. it's a wonderfully designed project and has the full approval of many, many residents in the community refer after an extensive project that the community put together. we have the 3 districts that this park surround district 9, 10 and 11 and we urge your support >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon, commissioners. linda just said everything i said to say. i said to emphasis that being out in the corridor it's most important for our neighbors to get into the park. and this improvement we support
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the park and recreation and the other city parks that come together. i hope you'll support this. thank you >> thank you, ms. sax next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm opposed to this item because the ma sonic avenue concerned the bike baselines the one thing they've talked about emergency vehicles but the one thing a that's not been brought up is there are a lot of disabled seniors along the corridor that used this and if you put a bike lane on ma sonic it will impede
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the bus stops because like someone like myself or someone in the wheelchair tries to get on a bus it will have to cross over the bike lane to get to the bus stop to the curb. you have to take into consideration this is a very important bus stop. and take into consideration the bus stops and how the bike baselines will impede the bus stops >> anyway, i. a resident of richmond district and i'm very concerned about the virile elimination of parking is that a. now parking has gotten worse in the city over the past exactly.
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you'll make things worse you will complicate traffic further. why do i need so many bike baselines. this should be given consideration. i think the money that will go to the bike baselines so go into more mooney buses >> thank you anyone else who would like to speak. last opportunity. anyone else who would like to speak? and a seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues let me ask if theirs any comments. commissioner bred >> thank you. i wanted to make a few comments
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especially because this as definitely been a real challenge. i know during the time i xntd there was a lot of discussion around this project. unfortunately a lot of this happened before i got elected. monthly i have a certain because the number of e-mails i've received from folks who where were not necessarily notified. i think it's important to improve the outreach efforts but the out research efforts happened and from my prospective from everything i've looked at it was an extensive number of people who participated in this project.
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i know that neighborhood associations get the news out and i was provided with the information in which the mailers were sent to. anyway, i can't change the fact this project is moving forward but i have an obligation as supervisor to work on solutions to dealing with this and addressing the concerns of the community. this stretch of ma sonic has seen many accident. this is not about bicycle baselines it's for missouri me to insure we're pitting safety on behalf of every else. ma sonic as is presently con
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trgd is too fast and dangerous. i've had the personal experience as the former person who has been in the neighborhood even before small businesses were there. this boulevard is important to the public safety i don't want to delay it by planning any semi by relitigating but i want to offer some ways that mta can improve they're out reach. with respect to the outreach mta should not rely on paper notices. it should find other ways.
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one of the things that bothered me was one the speakers mentioned it they were aware because they received a notice on the car. one of the simplest ways to reach folks. when we're talking about a number of parking notices to put paper noticed on folks cars. mta basically from my prospective did a lot better outreach than i'm familiar with in the past. i've had my own personal challenges. but in this particular case it was a significant improvement in comparison to years past. the boulevard project itself i
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think we have to do something to address the parking situation. adding to the parking zones should help the neighbors with that. a neighborhood driven process around the neighborhood parking also working with the owners of the gary shopping area to set up overnight parking. and the college campus is directly in the compacted neighborhood. working with the u s f in developing programs that encourage students to not bring their cars. and changing the parking configuration. i know this is not going to make everyone happy. i know we have a real challenge
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in movie this project forward. as a driver i have spent 45 minutes and someone who's frustrated over the challenges in parking in san francisco. i have to put that aside in the interest of dealing with public safety appropriately. i do want to work on possible solutions so we can at least try and mitigate some of the impacts of this project. this is a really important project and i'm prepared to work on doing what's necessary to make the changes around ambulance assess and some of our large fire vehicles and their ability to assess the area and the mooney buses for the seniors. i'm prepared to look into those